Sunday, October 16, 2011

I stink at this whole blogging thing sometimes.

So here is the thing y'all. When you are a 'blogger', like a true blogger you keep up with the latest happenings, you keep your readers updated and all that jazz. That is my struggle. I read blogs every couple days, however for me to write a post every coupla days is almost impossible. I just feel like I don't have enough to say. So here I am trying to catch y'all up.

Last post I was telling you about Allison's birthday trip to California. She went, she loved it. She's back and she loves being a Carolina girl too. Thank God. I was so afraid she was going to go and see all of her friends and not want to come home. It was a great trip and she just loved seeing all her friends but at the end of the day that kid is a mama's girl and she missed her family and her room, her stuff and she likes routine ALOT and getting back into a routine is important to her.

Chris's parents moved here last week from California. They are staying with us for a bit until their place is ready. Gianna hadn't seen her grandparents in almost a year and that was just awesome to see how happy she was. Allison had seen them when we went to CA over the summer. It has been great to have them here and show them around our new town. We love it here and we hope they do too.

Yesterday was our second craft show. It was bigger than the last and super well organized, which was great. However it wasn't as successful as I was hoping it would be. The good thing was I got to share it with Heather. She brought her darling necklaces and headbands to sell. It was great hanging out with her and her girls. She is just such a genuine, sweet girl and I am so glad that I am getting to know her and that she lives here in this great little town.

Chris and his dad had built me a new display out of shipping pallets and I just love it. I feel so much better about going to the shows now, I loved the way my signs looked on it and it is big enough that it grabbed every one's attention. Too bad that it just didn't grab their attention enough to buy more stuff! lol.

So even though we didn't sell too much, I still felt like the day was a good one. There were a bunch of people who picked up our cards. I haven't really had any exposure here locally so people seeing my stuff and showing interest in it is a good thing.
I love that my girls are doing this with me too. Allison sells her beanies that she knits and Gianna sells her duct tape hair bows. It is a great bonding experience for us.

Today my in laws took my kids to get pumpkins. She bought me some potted mums to put by my front door too. They are so pretty and the whole thing kind of inspired me. I haven't done anything to our front entrance since we moved here. I just haven't even thought about it. But then I read all these blogs and all these southern girls really go all out for fall on their front porches. Well y'all know how I like to be considered one of them, so I had to step up and do a little something.

So first I added a little vinyl lettering to welcome my country guests, and my not so country guests too of course. I mean after all South Carolina is the home of southern hospitality (which speaking of southern hospitality we saw Paula Deen today at Costco!).

After the vinyl went up I felt like maybe I should actually put up one of my signs. Of the hundred and something signs I have made I have only hung up one in my whole house! Unfortunately it was night time so the pictures aren't great but I am really happy with how it all looks. I beefed up the whole look today and took new pictures.

Do you  see it up there on the brick? Like I said it was dark and the brick is dark so it just doesn't show up real great. Here it is close up-

Well folks I really am going to try to be better about updating my blog more often. Hopefully some really cool things will happen around here in the weeks and months to come so I have something good to write about.
Oh and by the way, I am offering a deal at my etsy store. If you want to see what that deal is go on over to my facebook page and like it. Thanks!


  1. your booth looks great. signs are darling. how fun to hang out with heather!! love the front porch. and the door is super cute. seems like it could be addicting. you could go around the house making cute little letter signs.......

  2. Agh. That's a pic of me....when scrolling through the blog roll I spotted it and was like "hey that kinda looks like me"..ohmygosh it is me!:) Anyways thank you for sharing your space/table with me on Sat. It was super pretty out and your door looks southern gal you.

  3. So glad you stopped by! Ohhhh...I am terrible at this bloggin' thing, too! I don't post as much as I used to and I have such a tough time keeping up with people in real life, that I barely ever blog hop or visit around. I love to, but just so little time! Your girls are beautiful and the signs are great! We are taking our kids to a Clemson Tiger game this Saturday..haven't been in 10 years! Can't wait! Glad you are lovin' the South! Christie at Three Pixie Lane