Tuesday, October 4, 2011

working like a dog!

That was me today. I have been working like crazy. For one, my in laws arrive tomorrow so I am trying to get laundry done and get ready for visitors. For two, I have been kind of lax with my etsy store lately because I knew I had all of these craft fairs coming up and I wasn't sure how it was going to work, if I have things listed and then I sell them at the craft fair, what if I no longer have those papers or can't get them? Well I just decided that I have got to show the etsy store some love.
With etsy it is all about the pictures. I am not a great photographer so this is kind of my struggle. I have a great camera, I just don't read directions very well. I just like when things are self explanatory. Camera settings are not. So I just set my setting to 'auto' and let it go. Whatever. I am trying. The problem is I have had several customers who have said to me 'oh my gosh, your work is so much better in person, the pictures don't do them justice'. Ugh. So I went to work today taking new pictures of many of my listings and adding several new items.

This is one of my new items. I made it for Allison yesterday since it was her birthday.. the funny thing is as soon as she and Chris both saw it they said 'oh that is super cute, are you going to list it?' I had not intended to list it but then I thought maybe it would be a good idea. It would make a cute prop for a photo booth at a sweet 16 party and it would look really cute at the gift table or cake table. What do you think? Do you think that you can get an idea of what it looks like by this picture? I don't know. In real life it's super sparkly and you can't see that here at all. Hmm..what to do.

Well speaking of Allison's bday...she got a big surprise. Three of our friends in CA went in together and bought her a plane ticket to come visit this week! Oh my gosh that girl was so excited!! I am freaking out a little bit about putting her on a plane by herself but I am so happy for her that I am going to just have to take a xanax and get over it! lol. Here is what she looked like when she opened the little box that had the plane ticket in it-
My what big eyes you have!
Gianna was a little bummed that her sister was going to see all of her friends and she wasn't, but I am so not ready to put both of my girls on a plane together without me. Allison is ready but I think if she had to take care of Gianna it would make her nervous. So next time Gianna and I will go alone, just the two of us. Plus this way she gets time with her grandparents all alone. See win/win!

Well if you have any comments or suggestions about the pics I would be glad to hear 'em. Oh BTW, have you noticed that I kinda lost my southern drawl? Shoot. I better get to workin' on that. See y'all later!

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