Monday, September 12, 2011

Football season and Pinterest...gotta love 'em

Oh friends it's football season and I can't tell you happy that makes me. I am not one of those football lovin ladies but for some reason football season just always makes me happy. It means the weather is getting cooler, the leaves are about to change and fall is here. I love fall. So anyway, back to football...this past weekend we watched a whole lot of it. I mean shoot, we're southerners now and that is just what we do. We watch football, and we are passionate about it. Around these parts people 'specially love their college ball. I mean it makes the USC and UCLA fans in CA look like amateurs and if you are from California like I am you know what I am talking about. These people here (and when I say 'these people know full well I am now one of them) do. not. mess. around. with their college football. Okay so having said all that I decided on Saturday that I was going to be a big fan. Not of any particular team, I mean I guess Clemson will be my team, but I am just going to be a general all around fan. So I started practicing on Saturday. First I started with my daughter Allison, I said this to her (and believe me it sounded I really knew what I was talkin about) 'hey Allison, you catch that Michigan/Notre Dame game yesterday?' well that child looked at me like I had just said something crazy. She knows her mama and she certainly knows that her mama don't know one thing about football. So then, I hit her with 'man, it was close, Notre Dame came back with 2 seconds on the clock and it was INTENSE' as I stood there feelin all cocky and like a true southern woman my  husband says 'umm honey, Notre Dame lost'. Shoot. I thought I had it. Oh well, I ain't givin up. I am going to learn this game if it kills me.

Go Tigers. I mean come on, how could you not be a fan when they even got a gnome!
My other newest obsession is Pinterest. Holy moly, are y'all pinners? It is the best idea ever, if you aren't familiar with it let me explain it best I know how sometimes when you are planning something, like a wedding or furnishing/decorating a house and you go through magazines and find pictures of things you like, tear them out and make a folder with all of them? Well it's just like that only online. For some reason, you have to be invited, which I totally don't understand but whatever so after you get your invitation you go on, create 'boards' or really categories and then you start searching for stuff, anything, decorating ideas, holiday ideas, parenting tips, all kinds of stuff. I have found so many good recipes it isn't even funny. If you are wanting to follow my boards you can find me here.
I tried a new recipe from there tonight and it wasn't so much of a hit, a little too sweet for me but the kids liked it. It was a crock pot/chicken taco recipe and brown sugar was involved and I think I might have used too much.

Well it's time for me to go look after the children...(not really, I am too lazy to go back upstairs right now so they are on their own).
Thanks for stopping by.

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