Sunday, September 25, 2011

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

Y'all, I am freaking out. October is gonna be crazy. Downright nuts. We have 3 birthdays in this house, my in-laws are moving here from California and staying with us until they find a place (pray for all of us please, there is a good chance someone is going to lose their mind, but we are prepared so that is a good thing), my brother in law and his girlfriend are coming to visit from CA, we are having a family birthday party here on the 22nd and all of my husbands cousins that live in NC and IL are coming....(take a breath here) AND I have my three very first ever craft shows. Holy moly.

Do you see now why I am a little panicked? I am excited about all of it though. It was my idea for my in laws to move here. Last holiday season without any family (it was our first Christmas after my mom died too) was not that much fun. I also think it's super important for my kids to have their grandparents around. For them to be on the other side of the country was hard. For them, for us, for everyone. I figured we loved it here so much and they were ready for a change, so it all made sense. I am also looking forward to my brother in law visiting. I love sharing our new town with visitors. I doubt he will embrace the 'country' as much as we have but I think he will like it. I am super looking forward to the family party. I l.o.v.e to have a party. I can't wait to start planning the food and all that jazz.

Before I start planning any parties I have to get through the first craft show. We have been working like crazy around here. Crafting, knitting, painting, mod podging, dancing-oh wait we just dance all the time...anyway, it's been crazy here. Let me show you some of the fruit of our labor.

 I am really happy with these. Especially the little ones. They are tooth fairy boxes. Love products that help a parent out like that. No need to worry about waking your little sleeping toothless angel by trying to lift their head to get to that tooth under the pillow...child places the tooth in the box...'fairy' comes in, grabs the tooth, leaves some loot (and if you are one of those creative over achievers you can write a sweet note from the tooth fairy). Isn't that perfect?

This is a bigger box. I don't know what someone would use it for....I mean I can't come up with all the answers for goodness sakes.

Oh wait, I have an answer for this one! You use this one at your wedding instead of a guest book. It is filled with 4x6 cards that your guests can write a special message to you on and then drop it in the box.

A new sign. Just sold my other sign with this saying so I thought I should make another. New papers this time.
Another sign. Love these colors and the message. Good for young girls.
This is my other new product. Coasters made from ceramic tiles. Great little hostess gift.

 These are my newest clipboards. I am making a bunch more this week. I just love these (is that super tacky to say that I just love something that I made myself? if it is I apologize for being tacky, but I love 'em)

Before I show you what my girls are making let me show you a little something I made to keep my business cards in. I saw the tutorial on a blog and then I pinned it to Pinterest the project on the blog is for a bigger bowl but I saw all the parts today at A.C. Moore and thought I would try a smaller version. I started with these.

You might not be able to tell from the picture, but these parts are all kind of miniature. The base is a 4" square. I got all three parts for $3.90. Not too shabby.

This is what it looked like after I glued it all together. Now that I am holding it you can kind of see the size better.

Here is the finished product. Isn't it just the cutest thing? It would make a really cute candy dish. (btw that was my daughter Gianna's idea, not mine)

Okay so onto my creative kids. Last year Gianna made some duct tape hair bows and sold them at her school for a fundraiser. They were a hit. We sold them at a dance and I think we sold 42 of them in an hour. She was so excited. So now she and her two best friends here in SC are going into a little business together and making them to sell at the craft shows with me. How cute are they?

Now Allison's story is a little different. This past summer the kid started knitting beanies. For her babies. Her babies that she is planning on having when she is all grown up and ready to be a mom, we are not trying to get on the MTV show 'Teen Mom' she just is a planner. She has her wedding planned, her kids named, her plans drawn up for her dream house and most importantly her education planned. She is the opposite of her mother for sure. I am STILL trying to plan my future and my future is here! Anyway, after realizing that she was all caught up with beanies for her own six kids (yes, that child wants SIX kids, and no we are not Mormon or Catholic, she's just an ambitious little girl) she decided that she wanted to keep on knitting. So much like Forrest Gump would attack a new venture this kid hasn't stopped knitting in 3 months. We have beanies coming out of our ears. So she has decided to sell them. (whew, I didn't want her to think she should have a baby for every beanie she made)

Super cute, right? I have a few favorites but they are all pretty cute.

These are some of my faves. How about that camo one? These southerners are gonna eat that one up!

OK y'all it was a long post and now I am exhausted. Plus it's Sunday night at 9pm and Big Rich Texas is on and it is a big guilty pleasure of mine. So I gotta go!


  1. Love all the goodies. And super love the business card holder. I want one!!!!

  2. Your card holder came out awesome! I love all your things.I think I've told you this already...but it's true. :)

  3. There called mums. I love them! I just use them for fall.I'm not good at keeping plants alive.

  4. I LOVE your biz card holder. SOOO cute! I want to make one =)
    And I love that Allison has continued knitting. She's so awesome....and hysterical.
    I have the two beanies she made for my unborn children. lol.
    Both your girls are wonderful and creative, just like their mom =)