Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where it all goes down...and a few other things.

If you are like me you probably love getting a peek into other people's creative spaces, whether it be a scrapbook room, sewing room, photography studio, whatever it is I love to see how they organize their stuff and how much they have (it makes me feel better when I see other people have tons of stuff they never use like I do). As a matter of fact one of my favorite features in scrapbook magazines is when they do a pictorial on peoples craft spaces. So having said all that I thought I would give y'all a little look at my space. We call it a scrapbook room, but really I never ever work on my books anymore. For several years before we left California I was scrapbooking for other people for a living. I loved it, but it totally burned me out (wow, I totally sound California tonight don't I?, shoot I gotta get my drawl back). What I do now in my 'scrapbook room' is make stuff for my etsy store and to sell at craft fairs (I have 3 scheduled for October so I am hustling right now to get stuff done).

notice I have all the necessities close at hand-Starbucks, pretzel rods AND HGTV on the television.

Two signs I was working on last week for a customer.

Here are most of my signs that I have made so far and are all listed on etsy right now.

If you look close you can tell the papers are all color coordinated...not me, my daughter Allison. She ENJOYS organizing.

A gratuitous picture of a photo of my girls. :)

So there it is. My space. It's not what you see in magazines, but it works. I love it in there. I have had that furniture and configuration for about 6 years now in four houses in three states, it's been moved alot.

So in this space I have mostly been working on my signs but the other day I started making a new product. I found them on clearance at Wal Mart (you know how us southerners LOVE the Wal Marts. (the plural is on purpose in case ya didn't know)
They are monogrammed clipboards. I am making them for the craft fairs I am doing. I don't think I am going to sell them on etsy. My plan is to have them in a basket with an empty space for the customers monogram of choice and then to add it after they purchase it. I will be carrying mod podge with me so it shouldn't be too difficult. What do you think? Hey! I know, leave a comment here and tell me what you think of them and which one is your favorite and I will draw a name and the winner will get the clipboard of their choice. Looky there a giveaway totally off the cuff and outta the blue.

This one is my sample, already monogrammed.

and here is the rest of them and kind of how they will be displayed, only it will be a cuter, bigger basket.

Okay, so the other thing I have to tell you about is how cool this little town is that we live in. Holy smokes I just love it. Today my husband came home and was telling me about a little event that was going on near our Main St. where people were selling their livestock and showing off their tractors. For reals. How unbelievably cute is that. I mean these folks are just awesome. So of course the first thing I thought was 'shoot, I gotta share this on my blog!' So we took a ride down there in the pick up truck (wait, I think we were in my 4 Runner, but pick up truck sounds so much more country so we are just gonna go with it). Well unfortunately for us they were starting to pack up. But y'all that didn't stop me. I got out and just started taking pictures of all of the livestock and people as fast as I could. Here is a collage that I want to share with you.

Alright people, lets start with the picture in the top left corner and work our way around clockwise from there. First, ya got a bull. A friendly bull that was about 3 inches from me. I was thinking he wasn't going to come at me since I wasn't wearing red...I was right. He was super mellow. He probably could tell I belonged there so he left me alone. Next, we have some big ole' engine thing. I believe it hooked up to an old saw back in the day (at least that is what my husband says and he owned like 150 million saws before we moved from California so I am thinking he knows). Next, we have the really cute "handmade" sign telling me that if I wanted to pick up a little dinner tonight I could get a whole chicken for $5.00. Now that is a deal. Only deal was I would have had to do the duties of making sure he wasn't breathing any longer. So I passed. In the center that cute girl was real happy that I wanted to take her picture. She's cute and she had just shown her horse. Down in the right hand corner is a close up of Henrietta. For reals. She has a name. You wanna know how I know? Well that fella in the picture next to her holding her is her owner and he told me. He also told me "Henrietta is real grumpy today, she had to ride over here in that cat crate, with Magenta" So I said "oh, does she not like Magenta?" (Incidentally Magenta is another rooster/chicken/turkey/bird I can't tell what they are for God's sake, I have only been a farmer for four months) and he said (and I quote) "oh no ma'am, they are best friends, she's just grumpy on account of all the people poking at her all day in that cage". Well y'all that kid was so cute and friendly I almost asked if I could take him home. Up above Colt (I named him that cause he's a country kid and it just sounded right) is another rooster/chicken/turkey/bird who won a blue ribbon and then next to that is some real nice chalk art that Gianna was real impressed with. They had a contest and there was chalk art all down the walk way.

If y'all are having a problem commenting on here you can go to facebook and like my page and leave a comment there to be entered to win.
Well I hope you enjoyed this little window into my southern world. I sure did enjoy sharing it with you. Remember to leave a comment here so you can be entered in the drawing to win one of my new monogrammed clipboards.
Have a great rest of your weekend and I will be drawing the name on Tuesday night.
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  1. Oh Nina! I feel like I have been missing so much! I didn't even know you had this blog - I knew you had a new one, but this is the Cutest title and your feature the best things! I love it!
    And I TOTALLY want one of those clipboards! I said that before I had the chance to read that you are giving one away. I love the one on the bottom left especially (with red and blue) but they are all great!
    And you are doing shows! Wow, that is really cool. I am so happy for you and your room looks great.
    Thank you too for your sweet comment - you really made my day!
    Big kisses to all please :) xoxoxo

  2. Welcome to SC Nina! I live in the upstate of SC right below Charlotte, NC in a suburb called Rock Hill. I am so glad you love Simpsonville! It usually takes a while to transition anywhere! I can tell you are a very postitive person and optimism travels with you where ever you are! Your craft room and the things you make for ETSY are adorable! Welcome to SC and to blogland! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

  3. love it all. and the picture of the girls is darling.

  4. Funny, I thought I'd posted already! ;) Love it! I really like the clipboard on the top left! :)

  5. Hi Nina! So I read your blog over the weekend silently to myself to get caught up. I thought what a great idea to read with Rhylee as well. Part her homework assignment is reading after all. We had such a great time reading the blog and looking at the pictures. She is very excited to plan a trip. As for her favorite clipboard...the brightest one naturally, with the big pink circle in the middle. What's not to love?

    Am so enjoying all that you are creating, writing, and sharing!

  6. I love the clipboards Nina!! They all are adorbs. I like the 2nd, 4th, and 6th 1! You did great finding those babes on sale at the Wally World. I also luv your craft room and signs you're doing. I NEED one of the signs. Gotta get with you about colors...:)