Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It just keeps getting better

Today was a good day. I mean most days since I moved to South Carolina have been good days but today was just great! Let me tell you all about it.
Yesterday I was having a rough day, I was sitting in the car line waiting to pick up Gianna (which in case you haven't heard is where I spend most of my day, in car lines at the kids schools) and my friend Kristy emailed me with a link to a blog and in the subject line she wrote-in sc i think. I talk to Kristy almost every single day of my life and have for about 24 years she almost always knows what is happening in my day and how I am feeling, I hadn't yet talked to her yesterday when I got the email, as a matter of fact I believe I was dialing her number when the email came through on my phone. Anyway, to make a long story short she told me that this blogger named Heather had commented on her blog that day and Kristy noticed she was from SC, she said 'maybe you guys are neighbors and you don't even know it'. SC isn't a huge state, but it's still a pretty good size and I thought the chances of this girl living here in the same area weren't great but I also thought I should give it a shot. So I put all my insecurities and feelings of 'oh my gosh she is totally going to think I am a stalker' aside and emailed her. Well lo and behold she lives 10 minutes from me! As a matter of fact the neighborhood she lives in was one that we had looked at to live in. We started emailing back and forth and before you knew it we were making a date to have coffee!
Well shoot y'all, I was a nervous wreck. I had only been on one other blind date in my life and that was with an actual boy and it didn't turn out too well. I pulled up at Starbucks and saw her pulling up at the same time. I have to say she is a big younger than myself and just cute as can be. She just looks like one of those cute mom bloggers that we all follow and think 'man, this chick has it all together, she even wears cute accesories'. in California this might have intimidated me, but this girl she's a bonafide southerner, raised in Louisiana she ain't nothin but friendly. She is just a great girl. We talked and had a good time. I know myself and I can guarantee you I talked way too much, but Heather, she didn't seem to mind too much. She is real new to the area and is just getting used to everything so we had a lot in common. She makes cute things and sells them here. I am looking forward to getting to know this new friend and am totally hoping she calls for a second date.

After my coffee date I came home and tried to figure out what to make for dinner. As per usual I consulted my pinterest page. I have been making fried chicken tenders that are a real big hit with the fam. So instead of trying some new complicated recipe I decided to just go with those but then I wanted to make a really yummy looking dipping sauce to go with them. I had been eyeing it on Pinterest and had all the stuff to make it so I went for it.
 Apparently it's called 'comeback sauce' and it hails from Mississippi. The recipe is here and as we speak it is in my refrigerator.
Word on the southern street is that big mayo jar in the middle is the key to all good southern sauces. It even says so on the label, I mean not in those exact same words but something close to it. Oh wait, it says 'the secret of all great southern cooks'
Unfortunately I didn't take think of posting any pictures of my chicken as I was cooking tonight and I should post the recipe cause it's real good. Maybe I will make it again in a week or so, take pics and then post it.


  1. Nina-boo I'm a big fan of yours and think we had a great first date. You didn't talk too much at all! I'm thinking you may have to cook us up some of that comeback sauce...sounds really yummy. :) Thank you for all the sweet things you said... you're too nice.

  2. Now I'm gonna look for the chicken tenders recipe and pin to my page too!

  3. How awesome. Small world, eh? xoxo