Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Clearly Willy Wonka did not have ADD.

In the spirit of giving (and trying to butter up all our neighbors and friends) we have been making some serious candy and treats around here. For two days there has been so much sugar, melted chocolate and peanuts around here it's just been crazy. I keep saying how I feel like Willy Wonka. My younger daughter, Gianna loves to cook and bake so she was excited when I told her I found a few recipes on Pinterest that I wanted to try. So I went to the store bought all the supplies and came home and we went to town!
The first recipe was super's called "crock pot candy". It really couldn't be any easier. You literally throw all the ingredients into the crock pot and let it go for two hours...I linked the recipe so y'all could try it too.It makes at least a billion candies so you will have plenty if the US coast guard  happens to drop by.

These are the peanut butter pretzel balls...Gianna took this picture. She's a bloggers daughter, I wasn't even in the room and she pulled the camera out! lol

 I also found this recipe for peanut butter pretzel balls. Seriously easy peasy. Gianna made these all by herself. We doubled the recipe and it still wasn't a whole lot so she made it again today and doubled it again. They are super yummy and surprisingly from Martha Stewart they didn't call for some random ingredient that nobody in their right mind has on hand.
So when we were done with all the easy recipes I thought to myself 'well, I am on a roll maybe I should try fudge one more time' see, here's the thing I have been trying to master fudge for many, many years. My mother was the queen of fudge. She made it every year, she was practically famous for it. I have her recipe. It is the same recipe that was passed down to her from her mother. It really couldn't be a simpler recipe....except for one thing. I have severe ADD. What that means for the 4 people that might read this who DON"T have ADD is that it is super hard for me to follow directions. I follow vague instructions. I don't do precise directions. It's not even possible. My head doesn't even know how to process things like 'cook on medium heat and bring to a boil stirring constantly' so does that mean I am stirring before it comes to a boil or after? or both? I STILL don't know. It is just stupid. So what happens in this instance is I wing it. That is how I cook. With candy making or baking you can't do that, you HAVE to know. So consequently for 857,000 time my fudge didn't come out. Seriously. It didn't set up. Y'all don't understand, I made TWO batches. They are both in the trash. Whatever. I am sticking to meatballs. I make a mean meatball. My mom was famous for fudge, I will be famous for meatballs.

Luckily the crock pot candy made so many that we had enough to put together jars and bags for our friends/neighbors without the fudge. Here is what they look like-
Some people I like more than others so they will get coasters and candy. Then the people that I like marginally will just get the bags of candy....(oops I hope nobody that gets the bag reads my blog!) Oh well, they still get something right?
So the candy shop is all closed up here at the Britton house. Tomorrow we will play Mexican train dominoes and yahtzee for entertainment. We will not be baking or candy making I guarantee it.

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