Saturday, December 10, 2011

We're getting crazy up in here

It's Saturday night...
It's cold. (yes my phone is shattered...I dropped it 28 days after I got it and I am too addicted to Angry Birds to go back to my Blackberry)
This kid is out with her friends...her big sister is at work. In other words we have the house to ourselves.
It's already looking like a party, right?
I just made myself my newest favorite thing to eat...I like to call it "fancy pizza". It's real good. I don't use sauce, I use this stuff instead-

That's what makes it fancy. Then I pile on diced tomatoes, mushrooms, sometimes when I am feeling real fancy I add artichoke hearts, red pepper flakes and lots of mozzarella
I said 'lots' right?
The thin crust that I use is also what makes it 'fancy'. I also have a super fancy dessert planned-
I am really a simple girl. I say 'fancy' I really mean boxed cake that you can buy at the Wal-Mart for a buck seventy. After dinner, but before dessert we are going to watch this-
Oops...I forgot to flip the picture. It's okay, you get the idea right? I guess at this point you realize the movie selection was mine...I can't imagine my husband's position from that last picture is going to change too much so I should be just fine.
Hope y'all are having a roof raising time like we are!

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  1. I love it! That fancy pizza looks really good. And I want to see the movie soooo bad but I think I want to read the book first. Love you.