Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back in the saddle again...

Y'all, I did it again. I totally flaked and haven't written a blog post in ages. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is really reading them anyway, but then I look at the stats and see that you are and I think, oh man, I need to get to writing.
I have been busy. I love when I can say that. Ever since we moved cross country I haven't been real busy. This last weekend we had visitors from Virginia. My oldest daughter's girlfriend, her mom, and her brother. It was so great to see my girl be with one of her besties again.
They had a great time together. They went shopping, to the movies and just hung out and had a lot of girl time. She has needed that lately and I am sure glad she got it.
I just love this girl. She is as sweet as can be and just a real all around good kid. We loved having her around in Virginia and have missed her.

On Sunday it was our 18 year wedding anniversary and I wanted to do something nice for the husband. The budget is tight so we weren't doing gifts, and I cook dinner every night so that wouldn't have been any different than I decided to make breakfast. I am not a breakfast girl. I eat pretzels for breakfast. True story. I wake up and have 3 pretzel rods every morning. I know it's weird but I am addicted to them and I eat them all day. Anyway, back to the breakfast entire family are breakfast lovers. They mostly love pancakes and waffles but I wasn't in the mood for making either one of those so I decided to make country sausage gravy, biscuits, scrambled eggs and some fresh fruit.
I made a lot of biscuits...remember we had 3 extra people here. We still have some left though.
I do love biscuits and gravy, just not in the morning. So even though everything looked real good, I didn't eat...well except for my pretzels :)
Oh by the way, the recipe for the really good sausage gravy that I made came from Pinterest and you can find it here.

After our company left and things settled down a bit I started getting caught up on my etsy orders. Which of course is always a good thing. I added a new product. I am making personalized binders and folders.
I made this set for Allison. I just love the bright colors.
I have just added a few new clipboards to my store too...
and a new sign or two...
It's good that I finished these things today because I just got an order for 15 clipboards, all done in USC colors. They are for a friend of mine that I went to middle school and high school with. He's a dentist in California and LOVES USC.

Before I go I have to share a link with you for a blog that has really touched my life lately. I think the author is my new hero, she inspires me an humbles me daily.
You have probably already heard of her, but if not go check it out.
You can find her website here

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  1. I make my rounds on Blog's.... Some times i'll post a comment or two the people Blog's that I follow...I enjoy reading and seeing your pictures.